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The 3 bags you really need this summer


Life in the UK is slowly going back to normal now, just yesterday shops have reopened but there is not much sale or offers on items as we had expected. I know many of us had been looking forward too this, but were a little disappointed after waiting in ques only to find full priced items. 

The ques were completely understandable, retail therapy exists, and for many of us including myself it is the biggest stress relief. So i waited in a Que from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm, did i regret it? at first yes, the pain in my legs meant i could not get up the whole day once i got home, but i was overly happy with my purchase.

I love grabbing items at a bargain price, it just means i get to buy a lot more that way. Right now many high street clothing stores have sales online. So if you don’t like the crowds, Ques or do not want to risk your health, your not missing out on anything.

Summer is the time i like to actually carry a bag, other than my purse. There is a lot more we tend to carry in the hot weather. These 3 bags are at a bargain price and you can not go wrong with them.

              Contrast braided basket bag



The perfect bag for anyone who carries many things, it has got such a summer vibe to it. A little vintage feel, and would look perfect with literally any summer outfit of your choice. There is 35% of this bags price, which means from £19.99 it is now down to £12.99.


                 Wooden basket bag

Wooden basket bag - Article without model


How cute is this little basket bag, this is one of my absolute favorite. This bag is from mango and although it looks small, it does have a capacity to fit a lot more than it looks. This bag was £39.99 and is now down too £29.99.

             Woven straw bag

zoomed image


Monki is one of my favorite shops to shop at, there unique, urban looks is the type of looks i am a fan off. This bag has beautiful pastel colors running through it, paired with any light color it would look fabulous. This bag is only £15.

So these are my top picks for summer bags we need this summer. I hope we all get to have a great summer this year, as we missed out on so much the last couple of months. Lets make this summer worth it.


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