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The 3 bags you really need this summer

  Life in the UK is slowly going back to normal now, just yesterday shops have reopened but there is not much sale or offers on items as we had expected. I know many of us had been looking forward too this, but were a little disappointed after waiting in ques only to find full priced items.  The ques were completely understandable, retail therapy exists, and for many of us including myself it is the biggest stress relief. So i waited in a Que from 9:30 am until 12:30 pm, did i regret it? at first yes, the pain in …


The 3 luxury bags you need right now

When it comes to luxury bags you have straight away thought about quality over quantity. Me, personally if i am going to spend so much on something i would want something different, weather it has been anything in life, from clothes even to my car, i did not want to have anything everyone else has, meaning breaking the trends at times. I waited 4 years to get a new car. Yes, 4 years, and i eventually found a car that was really not common to have around me. This is not because i think i am better than others, its …